It's that time of the year peoples! We've been doing this for 3 years straight, you'd think right now we'd be pros. So it's draft lottery time, nothing exciting like evaluating prospects at the combine (young men shirtless!) or picking the young'ens at the draft (in suits!), but I think this would be right up former head coach Rick Tocchet's alley, it's a lottery!


So today at 5pm EST, the Lightning will get to know in what order they pick at the 2010 Entry Draft. We're currently sitting in 25th in the league, which puts us in 6th in the lottery odds, which means if we 'won' the lottery we could move up as high as 2nd pick.*damn you 4 points we got from the Panthers over the weekend*

To read about how the Draft Lotter works, head over to Raw Charge where I wrote up a whole explanation on it.

TSN begins coverage at 7pm, with the lottery taking place at 8pm EST on both TSN and Versus as well as being streamed live online at NHL.com