Maybe we were just helping out the playoff hopes of the Rangers...no, no, that's crazy talk, they really were just terrible. Four goals in the first period? FOUR? How do we go from shutting out the Pens to letting in four goals in the first period? Oh wait, Mike Smith was in net.


If you sat through the whole thing, well I commend you, since I bailed after the 1st. I did however, even with all my distaste for him, did gasp when they wheeled out the stretcher for Downie. Don't wory he did skate off on his own. If you want to read more on this game, you can check out my enemy blog buddy Scotty Hockey who I'm sure will have his thoughts up tomorrow, you know if you like self inflicted pain or the like.

John at Raw Charge has started "Seen Cinquenta?" for the only thing positive thing left that the Lightning have going for them. He's at 46 with four games left for those keeping score at home

Next game on Tuesday against the Hurricanes