The Lightning have put together another win, that's two in a row for those of you who are counting. The Bolts were down by one goal to the Islanders, twice, and managed to come back both times. Thoughts on the game:

  • The three guys who got on the score sheet for the Lightning are the guys you want to see get on the score sheet every night: Stamkos, Lecavalier and Malone


PSA: Ryan Malone would like to remind the he's the sh-t
  • Ryan Malone had two PPG's


Ohlund to Smith: "Now this is your pad, you could stop pucks with it..."

  • Mike Smith got a win, that's 6 this year for him. Wow that sounds terrible for our 'starting goaltender'.
  • Fedoruk thought he got a goal, but he didn't
  • Lecavalier's shot came from a pass from Tanguay at 19:41 in the 2nd, and he just ripped it towards the net. He also got an assist off of Malone's 2nd goal
  • Some guy name Nate Thompson (who?) got his first goal this year (again, who?)
  • The Islanders were 0 for 17 on the powerplay during the last 4 games, I'm glad we could help them out ending that streak. You can always count on the Lightning for helping out like that.

Moment That Made You Think Erik Erlendsson Had Lost It on Twitter:

#TBLightning seriously getting outworked to this point, Islanders are forechecking the %#!@# out of them right now, NY 13-6 shot advantage