How important is this game to the NHL? Not very since they are not airing it on tv in either locale.

Enemy blog: Check out On the Forecheck for the only Predators blog I know of

Tocchet is mixing things up again! He's sending a message! He's benching Alex Tanguay, Jeff Halpern and Todd Fedoruk. Wow. Not wow on Fedoruk, but on the benching of Tanguay and Halpern. Apparently Halperns scratch was not based on play but "rather something between player and coach, he didn't elaborate". That tweet from Erik Erlendsson didn't clear up anything for me, just ask more questions of what happened between the player and coach? Oh the drama!

At first Tanguay declined to comment about his benching, then said to the media:
"What is there to say? I try my hardest. ... The team is slumping. I'm a big part of it. We'll see."

The Lightning will be dressing 8 defensemen tonight, with the 4th line being Hale, Konopka and Foster. Lecavalier is also moving to wing on the 2nd line.

For the Predators Pekka Rinne will be in net, who has been strong with a record of 13-3-2 in his last 18 starts. Marty Erat has been on a tear, with six goals in the last six games.

Line-up Notes:

  • Niitymaki is in net
  • Tanugay, Halpern and Fedoruk is scratched
  • Blair Jones is recalled from the Admirals again
Game time: 8:00pm ET, and it's not being aired on tv anywhere!