Whenever people think Chicago food, they think deep dish pizza. Sure they also have their Chicago style hot dog, which is nice as a change to the regular or NY style, but since I may think ketchup is its own food group, I can't say I prefer the Chicago style char dog. Quite seriously, it doesn't have ketchup on it, instead it has fresh tomatoes and cucumber and some relish that looks possibly radioactive. But what Chicago SHOULD be known for, in addition to the pizza, is their Italian beef sandwiches which is a messy sammie of beefie goodness.


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The Lightning picked up a point last game, but now head in to Chicago to play a team, that quite seriously may rip them to shreds. Optimism for a win tonight? Can't say it's running that high right now.

In Chi-town the fans begin to worry about the lack of scoring from the Hawks. Sure they have been winning, and firing tons of shots (81 in the last 2 games), but the fans are looking for those shots to equal goals. And this is a team that should score multiple goals. They have Hossa, Kane, Toews, Versteeg, Keith, Seabrook, Campbell....the list is so long, but none of them have hit the double digits in goals yet (though more than 1 are sitting at 9 goals right now).

So the Lightning need to put up a huge effort tonight. I am glad that Niitymaki will be getting another start tonight, since I have confidence that he'll give the Lightning a chance for a win, instead of Mike Smith who's been so much of a gamble lately. Tonight will be Matt Walker's first return back to play against his old team. Let's hope that Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis is kept to a minimum tonight.

Line-up Notes:

  • Niitymaki is in net
Game time: 7:00pm ET on SUN