On Wednesday, the Avalanche played some of the most boring hockey you could ever watch, if you like trap hockey, well that was your game. The Lightning leave their sunny patch in Florida for the snow of Denver for the beginning of a long and important road trip.


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The Lightning have lost the last 5 regulation losses in 6 games. Ryan Malone and Steven Stamkos were both injured last game, and Lightning fans held their breath thinking that those two injuries threaten to kill any hope of a winning season.

We're just about to begin a 6 game, 12 day road trip, which will be the longest one this season for the Lightning. If the boys come out winning at the end of the two weeks, they won't be in such a bad spot, still fighting for a bottom playoff spot. If the boys lose like they have done over the past few games, it will be tough to catch up.

Ryan Malone had an MRI and is still pending for the results, but could play tonight. Stamkos had an X-Ray that came back negative, so no broken bones but is currently listed as "day to day". No word yet if they will play tonight or not.

*updated* Malone is a go, but Stamkos will be a game time decision.

Line-up Notes:

  • In net it is Niitymaki vs. Anderson (possible Team Finland v. Team USA?)
  • Center Blair Jones has been called up from the Admirals
  • Ryan Malone is in
  • Stamkos is a game time decision
  • David Hale is out
  • Smaby and Foster will be on D
  • Lukas Krajicek has been put on waivers (other teams have until noon Saturday to pick him up)
Game time: 9:00pm ET on SUN. Updates to follow