It's December and tonight is the 1st out of 6 games that we will play against the Caps. There will then be two in January and three in March, thank you NHL for the even distribution.

I'm pleased to say that the Lightning are coming off of a shutout victory over the Islanders over the weekend after ending a bit of a slide. With a good performance on Saturday, Mike Smith has earned another start for tonight. The Caps are on a 5 game win streak and Alex Ovechkin is back after serving a 2 game suspension.

Tonight will be a good game for the Lightning to see how they measure up to a good divisional rival. Although Smith did get a shutout on Saturday, I still don't have the confidence in him to say that he will have another good night.

Game time: 7:30 ET on SUN

-Sorry about the less than informative preview, but I was a little pressed for time.