Some days I think that hockey players are my favorite type of athlete and not just because I like the sport they play. When they make a $3 million charitable donation to a hospital, like what Vincent Lecavalier did back in October 2007 did, well it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Back in December 2005 the Vincent Lecavalier Foundation was started after Lecavalier return back to Florida after the lockout. In October 2007, Lecavalier and his corporate partners, announced that the foundation would be making a 3 million dollar donation toward the construction of a wing at the All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. The money would be for a 26,500-square-foot, 28-room wing that would be named the Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

Lecavalier, Kane's Furniture and DEX Imaging would provide half of the $3 million, and the other half would be raised through fundraising events, like Lecavalier's annual poker tournament. This past summer, he held a celebrity poker tournament in Montreal, where he received $100, 000 for the foundation.


Photo from Loto Quebec.


This past week, on Tuesday night, it was the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Lecavalier was joined by his father, Yvon, mother Christianne, sister Genevieve, niece Madison and girlfriend Caroline as well as some Lightning minority owners. The hospital officially opens on January 9, 2010.

One of the Foundation's primary goals "to create a legacy project in the Tampa Bay community". Now I don't want to turn this post into trade talk, but Lecavalier's involvement in the Tampa Bay community shows how much he loves where he plays. I love when any athelete or person who is the position to give back to the community, actually does.

As an aside, has anyone else noticed that the V4 website has been saying "coming soon" since the summer? This is supposed to be the website that has information about the Vincent Lecavalier Foundation. Seriously, its tag line is "new season, new site", what are they waiting for, the next season?